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How To Encrypt Or Decrypt Files On Android Phone 








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[h3]Hey Infinix Fans, We all consider privacy as a major issue when it comes to smartphones or any electronic gadgets. So in this tutorial, i am going to share a simple yet unknown trick to encrypt and decrypt files on your Android device.[span style="font-weight: bold;"][/span][/h3][br]Before we begin I just want to clarify the differences between encrypting and decrypt. If you’re encrypting any file then it will change its property to encrypted file from a normal file. And if If you’re decrypting any file then it will change its property to decrypted file from a normal file[br][br][strong][strong]Using [/strong][/strong][strong][strong]ES[/strong][/strong][strong][strong] File Explorer[/strong][/strong][div][span style="font-weight: 700;"][br][/span][/div][div][br]When you encrypt any file it will be accessible by only you and even if your file was hacked the decryption process will take ages so this is the best and easy way to secure your private content from anyone around the world. In simple words setting a strong unbreakable password to a file is called encryption.[br][br][strong]Step 1.[/strong] In order to perform the encryption process, you need to have this app known as ES file explorer. Download it from Google Play store[br][br][strong]Step 2.[/strong] Now after installing the app go to your file location and always remember your file location that you’re encrypting.[br][br][br][br][strong]Step 3.[/strong] In order to encrypt this picture, you need to long press on it and you will get a tab on the bottom of the screen.[div][br][br][br][br][strong]Step 4.[/strong] Now you need to select more option as shown in the image below and click on encrypt.[/div][div][br][br][br][strong]Step 5.[/strong] After you do that a tab will pop-up with few option in it. Now you need to create a password and then confirm it by entering again and hit OK.[br][br][br][br][h3]That’s it you’re good to go. Now your file has been encrypted and can’t be accessible without entering the password. Do the same process to decrypt the file. You should select decrypt option in place of encrypting and remove the password and press OK.[/h3][br][br][h3]This is the simple and best way to encrypt your file with full protection. However, there are other ways out there but applying them would be harmful and could corrupt your file.[span style="font-weight: bold;"][/span][/h3][br][br]Link-- [a href="" target="_blank"]Click Here[/a][br][br][/div][/div]


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Nice share brother

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