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Come For Your Nurses, Let Me Close Down ‘My’ Health Centre— Assemblyman Threatens








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[img src="" aid="source=nlp&quality=uhq&format=webp"][br][br]Assembly Member for Adagya Electoral Area in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region, Emmanuel Adams has threatened to close down “Adagya Community Maternal and Child Health Centre” over lack of key logistics.[br][br]According to him, the centre is in dire need of delivery set, small and bigger scale, polytank, beds to address the situation.[br][br]He indicated that patients sleep on benches, plastic chairs while men, women and children share the same ward.[br][br]The Adagya Community Maternal and Child Health Centre built two years ago with the Assembly Member’s own fund was aimed at reducing stress patients go through in the community before access hospital at Atonsu Agogo and Jachie Pramso.[br][br]The Health Centre with Five Nurses and one Midwife attends to more than 50 patients daily.[br][br]Prominent politicians including NPP bigwig Chairman Wontumi all hail from that district but are the poorest district in the region.[br][br]A visit to the facility by this reporter revealed that the health centre has only two beds.[br][br]Speaking to Hon. Emmanuel Adams, he said, the District Chief Executive (DCE), for Bosomtwe Constituency, Hon. J.K Asuming promised them a polytank but failed to deliver his promise.[br][br]“I am writing to the District Health Directorate and the DCE to come and take away the Nurses and their materials for me to close down the Health Centre, the Assembly cannot boast of any single project in this community. Toilet, water everything is done by ourselves and no one has provided a Ghana Health Service Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS Compound) for us. I have able to do this but providing us with logistics for the Health Centre to function well has become a problem. What at all is this,” he bemoaned.[br][br]He continued, “It is so frustrating to see patients whom the nurses want to treat yet they cannot be treated because there are no instruments but Ashanti Regional Minister Hon. Simon Osei Mensah, Member of Parliament who doubles as Education Minister Deputy Hon. Yaw Osei Adutwum, Chairman Wontumi they all stay in this district but we are the poorest district in the region, why should it happen that way.” he quizzed.[br][br]According to him, several appeals have been made but yielded no results.[br][br]Touching on education, Emmanuel Adams stressed that the dilapidated structure of their school building is a complete death trap waiting for it to take the lives of the school children.[br][br]Adding that, some classrooms contain 112 students others 97, 80 compelling four students to sit on one dual desk due to poor school infrastructure.[br][br]Meanwhile, the Unit Committee chairman for Adagya District, Madam Vida Oppong appealed to government to ensure the death trap bridge which claimed the lives of six people few years ago is constructed to avoid future disaster.[br][br][img src="" aid="source=nlp&quality=uhq&format=webp"][br][br][img src="" aid="source=nlp&quality=uhq&format=webp"][br][br][img src=""][br][br][img src=""][br][br]
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is that a nurses office

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