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Can you catch chlamydia from a vibrator








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How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home: tips and advice
On Valentine's Day, love is the main protagonist. And because of this, there are many couples who decide to do something special. Even so, either due to the lack of economic resources or other circumstances, many people decide to celebrate it in their homes. This, however, is no impediment for a couple to enjoy their love. Therefore, here come a series of ideas and examples on how to live such a special day:
Decorating the house: This is one of the most common options. The aromatic candles at the entrance of the house to receive the couple and create an intimate and special atmosphere is a great idea for the occasion. Something to which you can add some romantic notes for different areas of the house. And finally, it is recommended to decorate the bedroom too. The rose petals on the bed are a classic that will give romance to the environment.
With some aromatic candles and roses it always hits

Romantic dinner: You only need a good recipe and some ingredients to live one of the most exciting evenings as a couple. In case of not being good with the kitchen, something simple will suffice. The important thing is the intention and the love with which it is done, something that the couple will surely value. However, dessert is something that can not be missed. For example, strawberries with cream or a homemade cake will be good options.
Remember how important is the intention
Plan with children: The day of the lovers does not have to leave the children of the couple out of any plan that takes place. Therefore, this option can also be contemplated. Some ideas such as preparing a dinner all together in the classroom or watching a movie together are a good way to celebrate the love that exists between the couple, fruit of which these children have emerged.
You can make your children participate in this day
Remember the experience: Valentine's Day is also a good time to review those wonderful experiences that have been lived with the couple. Therefore, there is no better gift than an album of photographs where you can see all those special moments that have passed. For example, the trips, the first kiss, the wedding in case of being married, the first Christmas together, an evening with other friends, the photographs of the children ... There are many companies that are responsible for creating original albums of gift for this day.
There is no better gift than the best moments you have lived
Concert: Today and thanks to new technologies there is the possibility of enjoying a concert without leaving home. Many famous artists have their concerts on DVD, so choosing the couple's favorite and putting it while both enjoy a nice evening and a good wine is a brilliant idea. In addition, you can also resort to the option of putting a good background music or watch a romantic movie with the couple to celebrate Valentine's Day.
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Relaxing bath: Sometimes, the routine prevents you from enjoying yourself as you would like with your partner. Therefore, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to take that time and for example, enjoy a relaxing bath with the couple. Fill the water bath and foam, put some aromatic candles and lower the intensity of light is all that is needed to celebrate a pleasant moment of love.
The best way to have a relaxing time with your partner
Traditional games: Some people prefer to disengage for a day of technology and bet on traditional board games. Something that will make the couple enjoy the maximum and do something different. In turn, it can also be either who decides to create a home game with questions or even tests to have a fun time with the person you love.
You can create a new game with questions or tests
How to decorate the home?  One of the key details when celebrating Valentine's Day at home is the decoration. This will make the moments that are lived during this day more special since they will be developed in an atmosphere full of love. Therefore, there are some tips to keep in mind:
Candles: They are one of the essential elements to create romantic and intimate environments. For this reason, they can not miss during the celebration of Valentine's Day.
Table of sweets: The day of San Valentin is very linked to sweets. Therefore, dedicating a small space or table to them can be a good idea. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies ... are just some of the sweets that can surprise the couple due to the romantic theme they entail.
In Valentine's Day you can not miss the red tone, candles, roses and lights
Dishes and cutlery: During lunch or dinner, using a decoration of the cutlery inspired by love is a fundamental detail and will be applauded by the couple, as it will make the evening is seen in a different and certainly special way.
Lights: These create a romantic atmosphere and provide the ideal lighting for an evening as a couple. A trick for it, is to reuse the Christmas lights.
These are just some of the aspects that can be taken into account for the celebration of this day, in which, it is recommended that hearts be not missing because these are a representative sign of such a celebration.

Where do i buy a vibrator

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