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8 Allergy Mistakes You Don't Want to Make.








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[br]Are you unwittingly making your symptoms worse? Beware of these allergy blunders.[br][br]Shower Immediately After Being Outside[br]track[br]A woman with allergies showering[br]Thinkstock.[br][br]When you spend a lot of time outside, particularly if you’re working out in the yard, pollen can end up on your skin and hair, worsening allergy symptoms. If you’re highly allergic to pollen, it’s a good idea to take a second shower after you come inside to rinse away the pollen and avoid allergy symptoms, explains Mark S. Dykewicz, MD, a professor of internal medicine and the director of allergy and immunology at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  [br][br]Leave Your Shoes and Pollen at the Front Door track.[br][br]A woman with allergies taking her shoes off outside thickstock.[br]You can carry quite a bit of pollen into the house after you’ve been exposed to it by exercising or working outside. If you don’t take off your shoes as soon as you come into the house, you may be tracking pollen into every room. The same goes for your clothes. It’s not necessary for everyone, but if seasonal allergies like hay fever are particularly troublesome for you, change your clothes as soon as you come in and throw them in the wash to keep allergy symptoms from following you home, Dr. Dykewicz advises.[br][br]Do you suffer year-round with itchy, watery eyes, sinus pressure, and nasal congestion? Maybe you are looking for the best medicine for allergies and have yet to find relief. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know your sneezy, wheezy symptoms can continue for months at a time no matter what time of year it is.[br][br]In early spring, you can expect to be hit with tree pollen — especially if you live near oak, cedar, elm, or other trees whose blossoms generate lots of irritating pollen. In mid- to late summer, say hello to grass pollen. By the time fall rolls around, your sniffling nose and watery eyes are being assailed by ragweed pollen. Anyone who suffers from allergies knows this irritating condition can make you downright miserable.[br][br]Allergies can take two different forms — seasonal and perennial. When symptoms occur because of trees in the spring, grasses in summer, and weeds in the fall, they are said to be seasonal. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is usually caused by an allergy to mold spores, grasses, weeds or pollens from trees and other plants. If you experience year-round allergies, you could have perennial allergic rhinitis, or an allergy to environmental dust, dust mites, animal danders or mold spores or mildew. Your allergic rhinitis can be triggered by remnants of fur months after a cat, dog, or other pet has been removed from your home.[br][br]If you’re particularly sensitive to seasonal allergies like hay fever, you’re probably taking all the right precautions, including:[br][br]Removing pollen from your clothes[br]Staying indoors during peak pollen times[br]Using eye drops to keep your eyes clear and moistened[br]Washing your hands often[br]But it can be all too easy to unknowingly make your allergy symptoms worse. Did you know that taking a dip in the pool, playing with a friend’s pet, or wearing outdoor shoes around the house can all be triggers?[br][br]Mayo Clinic offers more ways to reduce your exposure to allergens:[br][br]Avoid yard chores that stir up dust, debris, and pollen. Ask someone to do your yard work and other chores during peak pollen season. If you must work outdoors, wear a mask.[br]Keep the windows to your house closed on high pollen days. Also close your car windows to avoid excess pollen.[br]Keep your windows closed during pollen season.[br][br]Remove clothes and immediately shower after going outdoors. Wash your hair and skin to remove all pollen.  [br]Stay inside on dry, windy days. Wait until a good rain has cleared the pollen and dust from the air before you go outside.[br]Overall, seasonal allergic rhinitis is easier to treat with allergy meds because the symptoms are short-term; perennial allergic rhinitis from year-round exposure is more difficult to control. Many people get used to living with annoying allergy symptoms, but getting the best medicine for allergies can provide control year-round.[br][br]Don’t wait until you can’t breathe to get allergy meds. See your doctor and get the best medicine for allergies before pollen or ragweed season hits this year.[br][br]Along with allergy meds, prevention of allergen exposure is important for good symptom control. Take note of what might be escalating your allergies and how you can respond right now.
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