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What causes warts when pregnant? The warts are usually soft and skin-colored, varying in size. Genital warts have been shown to grow faster during pregnancy due to discharge, as well as changes to in hormones and immune system. But genital warts during pregnancy are not generally considered to pose a serious risk to you or your baby.
Do warts eventually go away? Some warts will go away without treatment, others will not. Even those warts that eventually go away can take months, or even years, to disappear. Also, keep in mind that any wart can be a "mother" wart that spreads to other parts of your body. American Academy of Family Physicians: " Warts."
Why do you have to flush the toilet twice after chemo? Making sure to get rid of all your body fluids and waste after chemotherapy. For example, flush the toilet twice after using it. This is important because the medication stays in your body for about 48 hours after treatment. It could harm healthy people in your home.
How is survival rate calculated? Relative survival is calculated by dividing the overall survival after diagnosis of a disease by the survival as observed in a similar population that was not diagnosed with that disease. A similar population is composed of individuals with at least age and gender similar to those diagnosed with the disease.
Does Chemo always shrink tumors? Chemo may be used to shrink tumors before surgery or radiation. It may be used after surgery or radiation to help kill any cancer cells that are left. It may be used with other treatments if the cancer comes back.
How many chemo treatments are required for breast cancer? The cycle for chemotherapy can vary from once a week to once every three weeks. Each treatment session is followed by a period of recovery. Typically, if you have early-stage breast cancer, you'll undergo chemotherapy treatments for three to six months, but your doctor will adjust the timing to your circumstances.
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