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Ghana Coach Bashir Hayford Loses Out On Making History With Somalia








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- Somalia miss out on world cup qroup stage qualification[br][br]- Hayford lose out on making history with Somalia[br][br]- Somalia couldn't make the famous feet a reality[br][br][img src=""][br][br]Ghanaian and Somalia coach Bashir Hayford was on the verge of achieving a famous feet and history by qualifying Somalia to the Qatar World Cup qualification group stage in Africa but two late goals scored by Zimbabwe dashed all hopes of qualification.[br][br][img src=""][br][br]The tactician couldn't guide the Somalians to the group stage qualification of the world cup qualifies after the team lost 3-1 in Harare to Zimbabwe.[br][br]The first leg in Mogadishu ended 1-0 for Somalia after they scored an early goal to end the game.[br][br][img src=""][br][br]The second leg began brightly for the away side before the Zimbabweans scored in the 77th minutes through Marshall Munitshi. But Somalia restored their hopes of qualifying in the 84th minutes when Umar Abdulai cancelled the Zimbabweans lead for the away side.[br][br][img src=""][br][br]Zimbabwe proved that all hope is not lost yet when Admira Muskwe scored a wonderful free kick two minutes after the Somalians equalised and completed the root through Kama Billiat who scored in the dying seconds of extra time to deny Bashir Hayford and his men a famous world cup qualification history. [br][br]The game ended 3-2 for Zimbabwe against Somalia and qualified them to the world cup qualifying group stage with Somalia missing out.[br][br]Coach Bashir Hayford and his charges will be looking forward to Make amends the next time they get the opportunity.


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