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Everything You Need To Know About Infinix XClub App & How To Generate XGold For Free








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Xclub, or Infinix XClub rather, is one among the many apps of Infinix XOS, it is an online mobile internet forum that was created and provided by Infinix Mobility. It serves as a community where all Infinix smart phone users can meet up to share and discuss various issues and ideas concerning their various devices.[br][br][br][br]Now Infinix is one of those many smart phone companies that tries to use every opportunity they get to incorporate their own apps into every smart phone they release either every year or every month.[br][br]And in the case of Infinix Mobility, these apps are grouped and labeled under a single category, popularly known as the XOS apps. And within the course of writing on this blog from day one, we’ve already covered topics on some of the most popular XOS apps including [a href=""]Infinix Xhide[/a], [a href=""]Infinix App Freezer[/a] and [a href=""]XManager[/a].[br][br]So today, let us take some time off to fully discuss everything we think you need to know about Infinix own most popular internet tech forum, the Infinix Xclub. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. #enjoy[br][br]What Is Xclub or Infinix Xclub Rather[br][br]Okay, so for those who don’t know, Xclub or Infinix Xclub as many would love to call it, is a very fast growing internet forum app, which is created and provided by Infinix Mobility.[br][br]It basically serves as a place or platform where its smart phones users can meet up to share ideas, and discuss issues concerning their various brand of Infinix smart phones.[br][br][br]What Does The XClub App Do?[br][br]Now over the years, the Xclub itself has grown from just being a bloatware app, into a pretty large community of users that covers a very wide variety of topics ranging from Tips and Tricks on how to use your Infinix smart phone better, to photography tips, music, movies and video, questions and answers sections, games, news, and whatever topics you can think of that relates to an Infinix smart phone..[br][br]It even went as far as having different sections for some of their latest devices like the Infinix [a href=""]Note 5[/a] and [a href=""]Note 5 Stylus[/a], the Hot 6 and [a href=""]Hot 6 Pro[/a], [a href=""]Hot S3X[/a] and so on..[br][br]So if you’re looking for a solution to a problem on a particular smart phone, or you feel like sparking up a discussion or debate concerning a particular smart phone, then you should probably know the best place to do that.[br][br][br]Alright, so having known what the Xclub app is all about and it’s basic function and use to the large and still growing community of Infinix smart phone users, don’t you think the next question right now should be..[br][br]How Do I Make Use Of It?[br][br]Good question right..? Alright let’s try to answer it in the best simple way possible..[br][br]Now one thing you have to know is that, the Xclub app is like every other android application that is being installed in your android smart phone..[br][br]And like every other android app out there, it doesn’t require any special method of making use of it, neither does it require any special training session before you can learn to use it.. No.[br][br]The app itself is provided by Infinix Mobility as one of their many bloatware apps, but in this case, it is rather useful than useless.. So this means it is already installed by default on your smart phone, and all you just have to do to get it to start working is by..[br][br][ul][li]For those using the default Infinix XOS launcher that came preinstalled with your Infinix phones, just swipe through the default created folders on your device’s home screen, until you see the one labeled as “XOS Apps“. Tap on it to open and see all the apps it contains. From there, just locate and tap on “XClub” to open it.[br][br][img src="" aid="resize=500%2C375&ssl=1"][br][/li][/ul][ul][li]But if you choose to do it in a more convenient way and for those who are not rocking the default Infinix XOS Launcher, all you have to do is open your app drawer, and keep swiping through the list or grid of apps until you see the Xclub app. Same thing, tap to open.[br][/li][/ul][ul][li]If you’re just opening or using it for the first time, and like every other android app out there, you’ll be asked to create an account.. This is known as the “[a href=""]XAccount[/a]“.[br][/li][/ul][ul][li]With this account, Infinix is able to collect and save your activities from the Xclub app, such as your post, views and comments, your Xclub user level or rank, and the amount of “XGold” you have accumulated so far.[br][/li][/ul]

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