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Some Arsenal fans are loving Freddie Ljungberg's training after club post clip








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[br]There's excitement in the air at Arsenal following the departure of Unai Emery.[br]Some Arsenal supporters are loving the behind-the-scenes look at training under Freddie Ljungberg , after the club posted a video to Twitter earlier today.[br]Stars such as Kieran Tierney and Alexandre Lacazette were put through their paces by Ljungberg and his coaching staff as the under-pressure side prepare to try and win for the first time in eight matches tomorrow, at home to Brighton in the Premier League.[br]Some see the video as a return to the high-intensity passing football seen under Arsene Wenger's outfit at their best, compared to some of the turgid displays on offer under Emery.[br]Obviously, the team need to prove themselves on the pitch, but tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to do that.[br]It's a big match for the former Arsenal star, with[br]The Guardian reporting last Friday that he could get until the end of the season to make a case that he should become the permanent head coach at the club.[br]article continues below[br]The Gunners are a work in progress under the Swede, but he'll be looking for the team to show they've made significant and tangible strides from the weekend's encounter away to Norwich.[br]For these fans, the glimpse of training is enough to make them excited, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on Wednesday...[br]sᴡᴇᴇᴛʙᴏʏ[br]@SucreMartini[br]I like what i see Gooners do you concur?[br]6 4:19 PM - Dec 4, 2019 Arsenal @Arsenal · 6h[br]@Freddie leads the session ahead of[br]#ARSBHA[br]Want to see more exclusive footage from Colney?[br]Over eight minutes of training action here[br]#Dictators Must Fall[br]@brettmashuro[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]The return of Wenger-Ball and this is the Arsenal culture. Perfection on this one and we are on the wheels[br]5 4:21 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See #Dictators Must Fall's other Tweets[br]AUBAGANG[br]@WoolWitchGooner[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Feels like Wengerball is making a comeback[br]66 4:17 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See AUBAGANG's other Tweets[br]Raaja Gopal[br]@raaja_afc[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Training session look lit.. Freddie ball at the Emirates..[br]2 4:17 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Raaja Gopal's other Tweets[br]article continues below[br]Michael Osuji[br]@osuji_mikel[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Thank you @freddie[br]2 4:19 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Michael Osuji's other Tweets[br]Thomas Manders[br]@elvinho1993[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Nice, speed and passing![br]2 4:31 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Thomas Manders's other Tweets[br]Khory[br]@denchrasta[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]One thing I noticed the players seems to be training with more energy[br]1 4:50 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Khory's other Tweets[br]Broady[br]@Broady_14[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]This session looks like it makes sense. Fills me with confidence already! My manager![br]1 7:07 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Broady's other Tweets[br]BANAAYE FAROOQ S[br]@BANAAYEFAROOQS[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Fellow in love already with the interim manager's work.[br]4:29 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See BANAAYE FAROOQ S's other Tweets[br]Changamire[br]@NyatiAbbie[br]Replying to @Arsenal @freddie[br]Exciting football is coming back. Show them you can do it. Proudly Arsenal![br]5:30 PM - Dec 4, 2019[br]See Changamire's other Tweets

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