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[Trends] Locked Out of Infinix note 4 device with oreo update after factory reset.. help me please.








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[p]my infinix note 4 was running on nougat (xos chameleon) and yesterday i received a software oreo update.. I updated and it said XOS Hummingbird. but the mobile was lagging hence i restarted it and thats it.. The mobile asked for pattern to start android and then stuck at logo XOS humming bird. I waited and waited with no luck.. then i did Factory Reset using bootloader (Pressing the Volume up key and Power up key and selected factory reset from the menu).[br][br]Now my mobile opens in oreo (XOS humming bird) and I cannot get past through after few steps of setting up of android. After connecting to WIFI, i get the option either "start as fresh device" or "copy data/app from other android or iphone or cloud". but both the option does not work. when i click start as fresh device, it does "Checking info" but return back to same option "data recovery" screen. i can only go back to "hi there" not forward. same happens when i go to other one option as well.[br][br]after doing some browsing i now switched off my phone and waiting for 24 hours to complete hoping that i could set up. but my nightmare is that why my phone didnt even ask any google user credentials or anything. it just stuck at data restore option...why?[br][br]is my mobile ok? why didnt it ask for owner google accnt info? should i change my google password now and wait for another 24 hours?[br][br]i m worried.. can someone help me plz.[br]


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