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“If You Brush Your Teeth In the Morning Before Eating, You Are Wrong” – Dr Olufunmilayo








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There are quite a lot of things that we grew up with, some of them we now do by default, without even thinking them through; just living like robots.
In a tweet session, Dr Olufunmilayo addressed one of such funny things that we unconsciously exhibit daily; first brushing in the morning before eating. Sounds strange right? 
Whilst the above lifestyle is wrong, the right thing to do is “Eat Your Breakfast First And Then Brush After”! Let me loud it for those at the back of the class, “Eat Now; as you have woken up this morning; and then brush after”!

Unlike what most of us have been doing; wrongly too; eating first in the morning and brushing after gives you the following benefits;

•Fresher breath

•Cleaner teeth

•Whiter teeth

•Avoids tooth decay

Now some of you reading this may be having a cringing feeling; it’s normal whenever you are about to go against what you have accepted as norm; but it is perfectly and totally normal to eat breakfast first and brush after.

Try this for a month and you will have:

•Fresher breath,

•Whiter teeth,

•No mouth odour.

Let me try to break it down. So, the ideal thing when it comes to oral hygiene is to ALWAYS brush your teeth LAST THING before going to sleep at night.

So, if you do that, it means that your mouth/teeth would be clean through the night, such that when you wake up the next morning, you can eat your breakfast straight away.

Except you are one of those who are notorious for not brushing their teeth before going to bed, or you are part of the group of people who keep sneaking around in the kitchen in the middle of the night eating pounded yam, you have the greenlight to eat breakfast first and brush after.

If you actually go to bed without brushing, you are harming yourself and ruining your teeth, because such is very unhealthy and unhygienic.

So, the following is the way to take care of our teeth in terms of brushing;

•Brush your teeth twice a day,

•Brush your teeth LAST THING at night after all food/drinks; except water, ONLY water,

•Brush your teeth the next morning IMMEDIATELY AFTER breakfast (not before). If you brush your teeth before breakfast, the food you eat after brushing will still mess your teeth up.

If you strictly follow this advice for a few weeks, you would see that your mouth is better, your breath is fresher and your teeth is whiter.

Make sure you try it out. Yes, at first it will be awkward, but eventually you will get used to it and it will be great.

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