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[Devices] Important about charging infinix phone








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1, Bad charger : believe me if you don't have a[br]follow come charger that comes directly from[br]your phone manufacturer, don't expect it to[br]charge fast, all infinix phone comes with a fast[br]charger, ( what I mean by fast charger, the[br]charging signal will be two instead of one), this[br]fast charger can charge your infinix phone within[br]1hr but if you use other chargers, it can be 3hrs,[br]this charger is scares but you can always see it in[br]some phone dealers shops.[br]to know the original charger, it is always white in colour, comes[br]with cord and some comes in blue pack, make sure you test it[br]before buying, plug it for about 10 min. Let it show the double sign charging.[br][br][br]2, Charging flex : charging flex is the inbuilt[br]connection between your charger and the phone,[br]if this flex got damage, you will notice some of this[br]things,[br][br]Ì. Your phone may not charge or charge slow.[br]Ii. Your phone can't connect to the system again[br]Iii. I will no longer flash charge.[br][br]When you notice all this it means your charging flex needs to be[br]changed, Don't work the faulty one, it is better you change the flex completely[br][br]3, software : it may be that your phone is having software problem,[br]. To solve this, flash your phone or upgrade the os, remember to[br]back-up your files before flashing.[br][br][br]4, faulty battery : when your phone battery is bad, or started[br]increasing in size, it can not charge well, it's either it charges from[br]1% to 100 within 10mins or it charges to 6hrs, first of all confirm[br]that the problem is from the battery before changing new one.[br][br][br]5, Panel problem : if your panel is bad, and can't be repair it is[br]better to change it. 

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