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1/ How do I stop my Android phone using data when abroad?[br]One option is a third party app called APNdroid, from the Android Market, which lets you turn off all data connections via a widget on the home screen. It makes changing these settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen and is more likely to act as a reminder for when you next travel abroad.[br][br]2/ My Android phone has frozen.[br]A soft reset will usually do the trick, but there are different methods for different phones. Fast Reboot is an app that will do the job for you by simulating the soft reset process and closing running processes with one tap.[br][br]3/ Why can I not download every Android app from the Android Market?[br]Some apps are designed for specific screen resolutions and thus are not available on all phones. The high-end Android phones tend to support more apps, but landscape screened phones sometimes have problems with particular games and apps. There are other reasons why some apps will not be available, such as compatibility only with specific manufacturer’s devices, but the vast majority of apps should be available for all phones so you need not worry too much.[br][br]4/ My smartphone Wi-Fi does not stay connected?[br]Go to Wireless & Networks / Wi-Fi Settings and press the menu key. Choose ‘Advanced’ and change the sleep policy to ‘Never’. This seems to solve the problem for most people who have issues keeping a Wi-Fi connection alive.[br][br][br]5/ Why do I keep running out of memory?[br]There are many reasons for this problem, but the cache can often get too full to allow the efficient running of apps. Apps like Cache Cleaner, from the Android Market, let you clean the cache for specific apps to free up memory. You will also need to either uninstall or move apps to an expansion card to free up more physical memory.[br][br]6/ I am using too much data. How can I monitor it?[br]My Data Manager is an excellent solution to monitor exactly how much data you have been using. It offers alerts when you reach a specified level and will help to ensure that you never go over your monthly data allowance again.[br][br]7/ The keyboard is very difficult to use![br]The default Android keyboard is not easy to use, but there are countless alternatives available. SlideIt is just one example that lets you type without ever removing your finger from the screen; simply slide your finger between letters and watch the magic happen.[br][br]8/ My SD card is no longer recognised?[br]Expansion cards can get corrupted and the most effective solution is to try to reformat them using a desktop or laptop PC. Using the standard file explorer, you should be able to right-click and choose the format option to bring it back to life. It tends to work more often than trying to format it on the phone itself.[br][br]9/ My screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight.[br]The best option is to look for an ‘anti-glare’ screen protector. They tend to be stronger than standard protectors, but crucially also reduce the amount of glare on the screen when lighting conditions are extreme. Sadly there is no complete solution for phones that include screens not easily viewable in bright sunlight.[br][br]10/ Some games play very slowly on my phone?[br]Some of the budget phones include slower processors and the graphics speed can be reduced because of this. The best solution is to test a phone before you buy it because some budget phones are much better than others, and it can be difficult to tell just from the specifications alone. 

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