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How I Left University In USA For Music - Davido Opens Up On How His Dad Always Tried To Arrest Him








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[p]While speaking in an interview on Breakfast Club, a show on US radio station Power 105.1FM, multi-award winning Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, opened up on how he was often arrested by the police, through his father, in his early days in the music industry.

[p]The father-of-two baby girls who was born in the US to a billionaire businessman, revealed that his father was upset that he dropped out of Oakwood University in Alabama, United States, to return home to pursue a music career.

[p]He said: “When I was in college, that’s when the Nigerian, African (music) industry became big. Back then, it was 2face, D’banj and Psquare. Those were the three hottest singers back then.

[p]“I went back (to Nigeria) one Christmas, and the artistes were making bread (money), the songs were being played everywhere on the radio. That’s when I fell in love.

[p]“After I fell in love with the music, I bought studio equipment when I came back (to the US). I actually used to record for the Jamaicans in my dorm. Everything changed after I met the Jamaicans.

[p]“As a producer, I used to make demo tracks and I’d shop it to artistes. I had a cousin called Mpizzle. I made a demo track for him but he did not record it. So I dropped it and put some rapper on it, and it became big.”

[p]Speaking further, Davido disclosed that after releasing his first song, ‘Back When’ featuring Naeto C, Davido said he snuck into Nigeria to perform at shows and promote his music.

[p]He said: “Those days, my dad was hearing ‘David is in Nigeria’. At the time, I was not in school for about a year.

[p]“The song was hot so I started doing club gigs. He found out and all hell broke loose. He started sending police to the shows, arresting the promoters.

[p]“I remember the first show I did… there were 50 policemen. Back then, they arrested my girl, my manager, the show promoter.

[p]“Then the song started getting big, so it was getting harder for my dad to send the police after me. Then at some my point, my dad called me and said ‘let’s have a meeting’, so we met up.”

[p]Davido said further that after their meeting, his father wanted him to go back to school, but he could not return to school in the US, so they reached a compromise for him to study in Nigeria while he pursued his music career.

[p]The singer also talked about the discrimination he faced in the music industry because of his father’s wealth and influence.

[p]He said: “In the beginning, some people never liked me because my dad had the bread. But I think over the years, they have (come) to understand the kind of person I am. I didn’t grow alone, There are so many artistes back home that have used my platform to grow.”

[p]Davido graduated from Babcock University in 2015 but started his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme only last week.


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